Healthy Men Down Under provides a confidential and supportive service offering:

  • Health Assessment, Advice and Education
  • Advice on Sexual Dysfunction
  • Sex Therapy
  • Couples Therapy


Men and their health

To feel good and enjoy your life is a great goal to aim for but sometimes 'every day living' gets in the way. With work and family commitments, sporting and leisure activities, men may unintentionally overlook their own health needs and their relationships.

Sexual health is a very important part of your general health and wellbeing, so looking after yourself by knowing about your body, how it works, how illness can affect it and how you can assist in keeping in good working order makes good sense.


What services do we provide?

At Healthy Men Down Under - we provide you with the opportunity to attend for thorough, discreet and confidential assistance from a specialist men's health educator and sex therapist.

We will undertake a general assessment including a medical history. We will explore and discuss the issues and concerns and provide guidance towards achieving the desired outcomes. This is provided by a fully trained therapist with expertise in Men's Health and Andrology (men's hormones) in a supportive and informal environment.

We understand how important sexual health is to you and your partner and provide assistance to couples as well as individuals if required.

Situated in Montrose, Melbourne's eastern suburbs, our appointment times are flexible and can be tailored to suit your busy schedule.

Please contact Healthy Men Down Under on:
pennym. 0437 909 628
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address. 1042 Mount Dandenong Tourist Road Montrose 3765

Penelope M Christie MPH (Monash Uni, Vic.), MMH & A
(Edith Cowan Uni, WA)

Healthy Men Down Under is the business name for ABN 60 052 844 019